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2010-09-07 11:24  来源:人力资源总监

  In elementary school, the class bully left you with empty pockets. In the corporate world, the bully can cause even more damage -- ranging from severe emotional distress and sluggish work to stalled career progress. Whats worse: Despite hoards of office initiatives and formal legislation, bullying is still creeping its way into the workplace.


  Nancy Shenker, founder and principal of the ONswitch, a marketing company specializing in start-ups, said she was once the victim of a bullying boss who loved to publicly berate her.

  ONswitch公司专门为起步公司提供市场营销,该公司创办人、主席Nancy Shenker说她也曾是职场暴力的受害者,过去的老板总喜欢公然严厉指责她。

  I finally scheduled a private meeting with him and told him quite simply that his behavior was affecting my work performance, that I felt demoralized and embarrassed, she said. I went so far as to tell him that if I really was so incompetent, we should call human resources into the meeting to work out a severance package or start writing me up, she said.


  Her boss admitted he had no intention of firing her, and their relationship improved. According to the Workplace Bullying Institutes Web site, bullying is more prevalent in todays workplaces than sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Approximately one-in-six US workers have directly experienced destructive bullying in the last year.


  Women are most often on the receiving end of the workplace abuse, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. Although 58 percent of bullies are women, they make up 80 percent of targets. Targethood hinges on two characteristics: a desire to cooperate and a nonconfrontive interpersonal style, the organizations Web site states.


  Standing up to the bully may not be as difficult as it seems, said Kerry Patterson, co-author of the bestselling books Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations. If you know what to say and how to say it, you can speak up and keep the risk of retaliation to a minimum, he said.


  Patterson offered these tips to keep the office bully at bay:

  Patterson 提供了让人们远离欺负者的建议:

  1. Dont be rude in return. 不要以“粗”相对

  Replying with a snide remark means stooping to the bullys level, and the problem could escalate. 以卑鄙的话回答意味着把自己降低到恶棍的水准,可能导致问题激化。

  2. Assume the best. 做最好的假设

  Instead of assuming your co-worker is intentionally being rude or inconsiderate, assume he is unaware of how his actions are affecting you. For example, when someone cuts in line in front of you at a movie theater, say something like: Im sorry, were you aware that weve been standing here in line? Presuming innocence avoids an accusation and gets the conversation started off right.

  不要假设你的同事故意表现粗鲁或不顾别人,而要假设他并不知道他的行为对你有何影响。例如,当有人在电影院插队,可以说:“抱歉,你意识到我们在排队吗?” 假设对方无辜,可以避免指责并容易展开对话。

  3. Separate intentions from outcome. 分清结果和意图

  If your co-worker publicly calls you something offensive, before you respond in-kind, ask yourself: Why would a decent, rational human being say something like that? Then, approach your co-worker and say, Im sure you didnt intend this, but when you call me ‘honey it makes me uncomfortable.

  如果你的同事公然用侵犯的语言称呼你,在你以同样方式做出回应前,问自己”为什么一个体面、有理智的人会说出那样的话?“ 然后,走到这人旁边问一问:”我想你不是有意这么说,但当你叫我“甜心”,这让我不舒服。“

  4. Start with the facts. 从事实开始

  When you feel constantly offended by someones behavior, its easy to feel victimized or become convinced the bully is out to get you -- but this could lead to a nasty confrontation. Before you confront the bully by talking about your feelings or making conclusions, stick to the facts: Often in our team meetings, you demean my ideas. Today, you called my idea stupid. Then proceed to your conclusion, and ask your co-worker for feedback.

  当你感到不断被某人冒犯,很容易有受害者的感觉,或者认为这位欺负者故意让你生气。但这可能导致一个不愉快的对峙。在你进行对峙、谈论感受和做出结论之前,从事实开始:” 在我们小组会议时,你总是贬低我的看法,比如今天,你说我的想法很愚蠢。“ 然后,说到你的结论,让对方做出反馈。  (人力资源总监)

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